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Pioneer CDJ 200 Demo Video (REUPLOAD)

Reupload of my CDJ-200 demonstration video, originaly released in march 2005 as one of the earliest dj product demonstration videos. Also it was my very first product demonstration video I recorded. I found a better quality of the video so you can enjoy some more of the deatils ;)

The CDJ-200 was a popular small DJ cd player with 3 filter-like effects, some loop functions and a lot more as you can see in this video.

Video Recorded and Editted : Jeroen 'Lead'
Sound : Playback recorded digitally
Audio : Different tracks to demonstrate different effects
More info :

DJ CD Player - Pioneer CDJ-200

LA DJ, Kazell, walks us through all the features of the Pioneer CDJ-200, a fantastic tool for DJ's. \r
This episode is from the title "DJ Equipment Basics". For these and other titles, please visit us at

Pioneer CDJ-200, Tutorial, Why use the jog wheel in the mix? \r \r
Why do you need to use the jog wheel in the mix?




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